Move in without
a mortgage.

We buy your dream home, you rent it. After 36 months, move seamlessly from renting to owning and save thousands in future rent.

Kettel in a nutshell.

We're a new way to buy your first home. We make it possible for you to live in the home you want to own sooner while helping you build the required deposit, credit and affordability to buy it.

  • Apply to Kettel

    It's fast, free and won't impact your credit score. Our team will qualify you and provide you with a home budget to start shopping.

  • Choose your dream home and move in

    Don't settle for less. Kettel works with you to help you find your dream home, from a selection of Kettel approved, energy efficient new build properties and then one of our investment partners buys it for you.

  • Rent from us

    Rent from us for 36 months while you take the time to build your savings and credit.

  • Become a homeowner

    Say goodbye to Kettel as you move seamlessly from renting to owning when you purchase your home.


Make home ownership more accessible to first-time buyers.

With rising housing prices, higher deposits and strict mortgage approvals, buying your first home is more challenging than ever.

We want to level the playing field and provide the clearest path for first-time buyers to gain access to the benefits of homeownership.

Better than help to buy and shared ownership.

Five reasons why we're better than the government's equity loan and shared ownership schemes:

  • You don't need to qualify for a mortgage before you move in.

    We help you save and build your credit to get a great mortgage in 36 months.

  • We're not a loan.

    We don't punish you for having underdeveloped credit.

  • A clear path to traditional homeownership in 36 months.

    We don't capture you in a complicated rent trap like shared ownership - no staircasing just full ownership!

  • Lower deposit.

    Minimum deposit of 2% for Kettel vs. 5% for government schemes.

  • We're flexible.

    If after 36 months you decide home ownership isn't right for you, you keep all your accrued savings and walk away.

Made just for you.

  • Build your savings

    Our goal is to get you to a 10% deposit during your 36-month rental term, but it's up to you how much you actually save. We'll help you navigate the government's Lifetime ISA program, one of the most effective tools for first-time buyers to save their deposits.

  • Live like an owner

    This is going to be your home, so make it feel that way. Paint, decorate and put your personal touch on it. You will even benefit from any appreciation greater than the pre-agreed buy back price when you're renting.

  • Come as you are

    We help first-time buyers who are short on deposit, have underdeveloped credit or are still early in their career. We believe in the power of home ownership and have built Kettel to help you find your dream home sooner.

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