A new path to homeownership

You don't need a mortgage to live in your dream home. With Kettel, save up your 10% deposit while renting and seamlessly go from renting to owning in 36 months. It's that simple.

How it works

Complete an application

It's fast, free and won't impact your credit score. It only takes 5 minutes to pre-qualify.

Get approved for a budget

Once you're approved, you'll receive a budget to go home shopping.

Choose your dream home

Work with one of our Kettel guides to help you find your dream home. Choose from any home on the market that qualifies.

Our investment partners pay for the home

Our investment partners pay for the home in cash and cover all fees, including conveyancing, survey and insurance. You just need to contribute 2% of the home's purchase price which will go towards your future deposit. We provide a clear rental and savings schedule as well as a fixed buy back price at the end of 36 months to keep everything transparent.

Move in and save

Move into your Kettel home, make it your own and start saving to gradually build up your 10% deposit. We help you use smart savings tools like the Lifetime ISA to grow your deposit quicker and build better credit through your rental payments.

Buy the home or walk away with savings

At 36 months you can seamlessly move from paying rent to paying your mortgage with no additional costs. We get life happens, so if you're not ready to buy you can continue renting or walk away. If you walk away, you keep your savings less the initial 2% deposit which we use to re-sell the home.

The ins and outs

How does the application process work?

Kettel's application is free, won't impact your credit score, and only takes 5 minutes. Don't worry if your financial picture isn't perfect, we're here to help you bridge that gap. Once we've verified your income and savings, you'll get your approved home budget and it's time to go shopping.

What homes are eligible?

Kettel lets you shop for homes that are listed for sale and within your Kettel budget. Kettel currently supports budgets for standard construction move-in ready properties between £125k-£400k in order to help you take advantage of the stamp duty exemption for first-time buyers. You benefit from our expert home buying team who will review each house in detail to make sure you're buying a great home with no underlying issues. This helps protect both you and Kettel, providing the best opportunity to have a house that will appreciate in value over time.

Who takes care of the survey, conveyancing, insurance & council taxes?

Kettel's expert buying team manages the entire purchase and takes care of all the closing costs. Our team will do a thorough analysis of the property to make sure it's move-in ready and won't need any major repairs. Same as renting anywhere else, you will be responsible for all council taxes.

When can I buy my home from Kettel?

The program is designed for you to save up your 10% deposit plus a small amount for legal fees by the end of 36 months. This will also give you enough time to build a great credit score and boost your earnings to get the best mortgage possible.

How long is my minimum commitment?

The minimum commitment is 36 months and you'll sign an assured shorthold tenancy agreement (standard rental agreement) which becomes valid once Kettel's investment partners exchange on the property. We get that things change and that you may need to move elsewhere instead of buying back at the end of the 36 months. You can walk away and keep your savings less the relisting fee (2% initial commitment).

Who deals with the maintenance?

Our expert buying team will work hard to make sure homes are ready with limited maintenance requirements, but we understand things pop up. Our property investment partner is responsible for all major maintenance during the rental period. Prior to purchasing, Kettel will outline a committed maintenance value which you'll draw down on during the tenancy. Any value remaining at the end of the 36 months will be contributed towards your deposit.

How does Kettel make money?

We make our money by charging our investment partners a platform fee. That's it, no extra or hidden fees to you. What's unique about Kettel is how we share the benefits of homeownership:

Save for a future down payment.
About 25% of every monthly payment goes toward your deposit. After 36 months you can either use those savings to buy the home from us or keep your deposit minus a relisting fee.

Benefit from home appreciation
We'll give you a fixed price for purchasing the property from day one. Even if the home increases in value beyond the pre-agreed price, it won't change our agreement and you'll get the extra appreciation benefit while renting.

Not finding what you're looking for?

We're here to answer any of your questions. Reach us at support@kettel.io.

Kettel is great if...

You've had trouble saving up for your deposit

We know saving up for your deposit is hard. With Kettel, you'll save up little by little with each monthly payment to afford your deposit. We also guide you to make smart decisions and use schemes like the Lifetime ISA to your benefit.

Your affordability is falling a bit short for the mortgage you want

Lots of Kettel homebuyers are early in their careers or self-employed and need a little time to get their finances more established to qualify for the right mortgage. We look at your last 3 months of income and future earning potential, which means we're a great option when you need more time to fully document your income in preparation for buying.

Your credit score isn't quite where it needs to be...yet

Lots of young people have underdeveloped credit. We help build your credit while renting by reporting all your rental payments to Experian and Transunion. If you need help with your credit, we can also connect you with a credit counsellor.


Pricing is unique for each applicant based on your income, earning potential, credit history and location.

To find out your personal home budget, complete a free application.

At move-in

Initial Contribution

A one-time 2% contribution that will be applied to your deposit when you purchase the home. If you decide not to purchase the home, we use this value to cover the costs of reselling the property. We also don't require a tenancy deposit because it's the home you're going to own and we know you're going to treat it well.

Each month

Rent + Deposit Savings

Rent is set based on the purchase price of the property. We'll clearly outline the rental payment schedule in advance so you know exactly how much you'll need to pay each month. Deposit Savings is the portion of your monthly payment which will go in to your own Lifetime ISA (to a maximum of £4k per year) or be held in escrow until its time to buy the home. Any value you save towards your deposit is yours to keep, even if you decide not to purchase the home. Our structured savings plan will help you accumulate your 10% deposit by the end of the 36 month rental period and prepare you to get your mortgage.